Getting Ready for Gen Z

Generation Z

Millennials. By now, you know they’re the most populist demographic in the United States. And as a foodservice operator, you know you want to figure out how to get them to become a loyal consumer at your restaurant. Maybe you feel you’ve got a grip on this segment, but are you ready for the next generation? Read more here: Are you Ready for Gen Z?

The Affordable Care Act and Restaurant Employment


ObamaCare (PPACA) and the higher minimum wages have had a substantial impact on both our industry (Food Service) and that of many ‘labor-heavy’ organizations across the US.

The Press is trying to tell us differently:

FACT: While we have seen a drop in full-time labor in favor of part-time labor under the Affordable Care Act, as of August 2015 we had also seen 58 consecutive months of net job growth since October of 2010 – According to the Department of Labor… Read on here: IMPACT OF OBAMA CARE AND HIGHER MINIMUM WAGE REQUIREMENTS ON EMPLOYMENT

Using Social Media to Market your Restaurant

Restaurant Social Media

Thanks to technology, we have a lot more avenues to pursue when it comes to marketing restaurants and connecting with the guests we serve. While conducting extensive research on your restaurant through traditional means, Synergy Restaurant Consultants also uses social media marketing and branding to help bring about a positive rating among consumers.


Cooking with ‘Nduja


Sometimes, nothing hits the spot more than a simple piece of toast adorned with a butter, jelly or chocolate spread. Of course, if you’re in Europe and some other parts of the world, Marmite (yeast extract) or pate might be your spread of choice. But have you ever heard of ‘nduja (pronounced “en-DOO-ya”)?

Read more about ‘nduja: Ingredient Spotlight: ‘Nduja

How to Create a Successful Bar Plan

bar beverage plan

Are you a bar owner who is serious about creating a successful plan that you and your team can stick to?  Too often bar owners and managers simply move away from the goals and objectives set forth.  However, if your plan is well laid out with buy in from all levels of leadership and you remain steadfast, you will put yourself and your team on the path to success.

Read the rest of the article: Develop a Kickass Bar and Beverage Plan

What’s Trending in Grains, Beans, Fruit and Veggies

Vegetarian Trends

With the “plant-based” movement picking up steam, restaurant operators looking to set their menus apart or create meatless (or nearly) signatures are wondering: What’s the next brussels sprout? What are some techniques for tofu? And can anything topple the reign of quinoa?

Check out the whole article here: GRAINS, BEANS, FRUITS & VEGETABLES: WHAT’S TRENDING NOW