Remember when “live food” meant a giant aquarium with loads of lobster crawling about inside? In today’s healthier diet-conscience world the term “live” or “raw” food often applies to fruits and vegetables. With many vegetarian restaurant businesses just starting up and mainstream restaurant managers adding vegetarian items to menus, finding the niche that sets your restaurant menu apart is crucial.

Look for items that are fresh from the field and recipes that thrive on a “just picked” element for the food. Such a leading edge on your menu could be the difference in your bottom line. Want more innovation? Visit us at Synergy Restaurant Consultants, the trend setters for 20 years.


2 thoughts on “LIVE FOOD

    1. Dean Small

      Yes, but slowly. We are seeing more restaurants getting on board with healthier menu selection in general. The generation X & Y are demanding healthier menu selections and it is the tweens that seem to be moving to a vegan diet. It is usually the Cheesecake Factories of the world and celebrity chef restaurants that lead the trend with menu innovation especially since they have a huge audience and a great selection of ingredients to work with. The problem with the celebrity chef restaurants is that the seldom make any money and there life span can be limited.


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