Does your restaurant celebrate birthdays? Of course! However, when the cake or muffin comes and the candle is lit, what of the wax…especially if there are a lot of candles or if there is a long wait to extinguish the flames.
Well here is a ‘life saver’ of an idea to solve that problem; use Life Saver candies as candle holders on Birthday cakes and other celebration foods to catch the wax and keep your food more edible.
There is a cute story of how LifeSavers were created and this is one of those classic happy accidents. They came about in 1912 when Clarence Crane was looking for a candy to sell in the summer when chocolate was difficult to store. He concieved of a hard mint and engaged a pill manufacturer to make them for him. They found that the candies were easier to make if they were donut shaped and thus the candy and name Lifesavers was born.
Need other simple yet creative menu development ideas? Give us a call!

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