In this age of cost cutting, don’t forget to focus on restaurant training and employee safety to keep those Workers Compensation claims down. Not only does restaurant training prevent accidents and maintain high staff morale, it reduces claims and insurance premiums. Some things to keep track off:

Make sure the staff is thoroughly trained in the use, handling and cleaning of all relevant equipment.

Maintain strong hand washing standards – minimize harmful bacteria transfers that can lead to food borne illness transmissions.

Keep the floors clean and dry – and enforce the use of non-skid foot wear for all Team Members.

Wear the proper uniforms – including aprons, shirts, jackets, etc. Don’t let strings and uniform ‘parts’ get caught in equipment.

Handle knives and all sharp objects properly – be aware of these handling procedures when around other staff members.

Lift heavy objects properly – don’t strain the back!!

Be sure the staff understands the use and handling of all cleaning chemicals.

Does your crew know how to handle emergencies? Weather, natural disasters, fire, etc.?

If you need assistance in creating a ‘safe’ working environment or developing restaurant training programs, give us a call.


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