How much did that fork in the trash cost? That broken glass? Leaving the lights on when they’re not necessary? Why turn on equipment you don’t need early and waste gas and overwork the HVAC system? You’ve got a large group of ‘eyes’ in your restaurant that can help control costs. In this day of reduced sales and tight margins, every penny matters. It’s time to bring your Team into the fold and have them help you ‘shave’ costs through more effective Restaurant Training programs. Empower them to help control breakage, equipment maintenance, utility costs, anything that they can do to help. And reward them for their efforts with bonuses, incentives, crew parties, whatever will offer an incentive for them to participate. At pre-shift meetings, make them aware how small your profits really are, and how the smallest things can have a huge impact. Let them know what things cost, what your electric bill is, and offer ways for them to help. After all, if it’s managed correctly, everyone should understand it’s in everyone’s best interest to get involved – if you can’t ‘stay afloat’, everyone’s out of a job!

The team at Synergy Restaurant Consultants can help build and implement cost savings Restaurant Training programs tailored to your specific needs – let the pennies bring extra dollars to the bottom line!


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