Kill ‘em With Kindness-Staff Training

Ok, so the Federal minimum wage just went up, and fuel is threatening to spike again before August is over, and your free time is now spent on social networking sites trying to solicit more business because you have no capital to make any other changes to separate you from your competition. If this sounds like your situation, even if only slightly; then you have only one option…kill ‘em with kindness.

K.E.W.K is a proven way to capture more sales in your given location or area. Let’s try a real-world example from what may be your life currently. Do you find yourself visiting a particular location of a concept that has more than one in your area (one of the four Starbucks maybe?). Do you find that you may frequent one over the others? This may be for a variety of reasons (parking, hours) but it’s likely due to something more easily addressed…the one you like is “nicer”. I don’t know exactly why you pick one over the other; maybe they recognize you in some way, maybe they pronounce your name correctly, and maybe they send you a follow-up after your visit to make sure they’re doing a good job. The point is that you visit one location over another for a reason that they can likely control.

Can you use that same level of scrutiny when applied to your own operation? Does your staff do the best job they can with basic service of your guests? Does your valet welcome your guests as they open the car door, or just stand there like Lurch holding a ticket out? These are things to consider in your restaurant staff training and operation, and we can help. During an initial restaurant operations assessment, Synergy restaurant consultants will look at everything from the front door to the back door and help you improve in the areas that you can afford with our established staff training methods. This review is something to consider prior to a restaurant start up, as it is always best to put your best foot forward.

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