The Secret to Success

We are always asked “what is the secret to success in the restaurant business?” and why so many fail. The answer is simple: customers! Customers are the secret to success and make business happen. What so many restaurant operators fail to understand is that they have two customers to serve, and they both have different needs.

  • Internal Customers: Your valued front line staff and ambassadors of your brand – they need to feel valued and opinions respected.
  • External Customers: Paying guests and they have lots of options and you need them to come back frequently and spread the word.

Here is the secret:

Both of your customers have needs. In today’s business climate you can’t ‘just satisfy’ your customers needs and hope for success. Successful restaurants understand they need to “WOW” them and make them raving fans and evangelists of the brand by exceeding their needs. This is where training comes in.

The secret to the success of most restaurants revolves around one fundamental principle. The owner and restaurateur must have the ability to quickly build a base of loyal customers and turn them into champions, evangelists and raving fans of your brand creating a “never ending supply of loyal and passionate customers.”

The best way to achieve this ambitious goal of “Never Ending Customers” is to create a company culture that defines your brand to both your internal and external customer. Creating a company culture may be a new idea to some restaurateurs but this is how all of the highly successful restaurant chains do it.

The Synergy Team has extensive experience in culture and brand development and can guide you through a seamless process of creating a caring culture that produces evangelists and raving fans.


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