It Is All About The Guest Experience

In any new restaurant start up or restaurant opening it is imperative that the entire team focus on creating a memorable guest experience. Knowledgeable restaurateurs and the national chains understand the importance of the guest experience and commit significant resources to training and development of the service staff.

We are frequently asked how do we create “memorable guest service?” The simple answer is a commitment to training. The guest experience comes in part from service and training, but in the larger sense it is everything created by any and all contact with your operation. The moment the guest pulls into the parking lot or calls to make a reservation the ‘guest experience meter’ kicks in.

Opening a restaurant is a huge financial investment and your ability to create a memorable guest experience goes beyond the mandatory picking up of the parking lot or placing an inspirational company poster in the break area claiming ‘the customer is number one’.

It’s imperative that there is a conscious effort to create genuine relationships with your internal and external customers. In today’s competitive dining environment keeping your customers satisfied is simply not enough.

Successful restaurants build guest experiences that create not merely satisfied guests but loyal guests who become raving fans and advocates on your behalf. This is a far more cost effective approach in building a solid customer base than traditional advertising.


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