Avoid The Landmines Of Restaurant Design

Opening a restaurant is as exciting as it is challenging, from the discovery and conceptual stages to when the first guest walks through the doors. The best restaurant designs come from exposure to other restaurants, homework and due diligence. Taking the proper steps can minimize the numerous land mines along the design path.
A great restaurant design is more than just an impressive décor package. A great restaurant design will insure that the guest also has a sensory experience. People go to restaurants today to be seen, heard, entertained, eat and drink. One aspect is as important as the other. This sensory portion of the experience must be included into the restaurant design even with the smallest of venues, be it a mall kiosk or coffee shop.
A poorly designed restaurant can be a nightmare to operate within. If the kitchen is not well thought out it can easily drive unnecessary labor cost and negatively impact productivity. If the overall restaurant is poorly designed it can also become very expensive to make changes during and after the construction process.
The following are some recommendations that will help you work through the restaurant design process.
1. Understand your concept and vision
2. Interview several architectural firms
3. Develop a working budget
4. Hire a consulting firm that has experience in interior restaurant design
5. Hire an independent kitchen designer
The collaboration process between the architect and restaurant design team will ensure that you will achieve an impressive design within your budget.


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