Listless Shopping for Restaurant Startups

Have you ever gone to the market with a whole list of things to get, but didn’t write any of it down? How many of those occasions did you tell yourself “I can remember it all”? How many things did you forget? If those forgotten items drove you to another trip back to the market it cost you time, money, effort and set you back on other important projects. Perhaps this is the reason a person who is lost and drifting is called “listless.”


Now, look at yourself with a restaurant start up; a business without a comprehensive, written plan. Have you carefully written the recipes? Designed POS? Crafted training manuals? Created marketing concepts including targeted pre-opening parties? How are you selecting, training, scheduling and best utilizing your work force? These are just a few of the multitude of questions that must be answered for your restaurant start up to survive, much less thrive. In truth, there are not only lists of questions for subjects you haven’t even considered; there are entire categories that you probably never knew existed.

Instead of struggling in the dark, wouldn’t you prosper with a mentor that could guide you through the maze of a restaurant start up and set you on a firm course for success? With a 20 year history of accomplishment with over 200 of the most prosperous restaurant chains in the nation, Synergy is the guide you need.
So, if you are even thinking about a restaurant start up, the first thing on your list (and you are making a list…right?) is to go to and look at our list of what every restaurant needs before they open. Once you see it, you will want to call us to learn more.

To Your Success…
Dean Small and Danny Bendas



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