Recycling made easy for the Restaurant Owner

recycleThis is an ongoing series to help our clients reap the benefits of going green. Yes, when done correctly, setting a balanced environmental mentality can actually save you money. Yes, one can go overboard on such things and it becomes counterproductive. However, the right mix of ecology can profit a restaurant business handsomely.

We hear about recycling all the time. In many cases the prospects are outweighed by the costs and efforts. However, there are little ways to make recycling not only worthwhile, but profitable and promotable…your restaurant  business could be praised by the community for its efforts.  Good will is good business.

Recycling does not have to be a complicated process. Some communities offer curbside pickup programs for common recyclables and you recycle using drop-off centers, buy-back programs or deposit systems.

Typical materials to recycle include:
• Newspapers
• Paper bags, paper carry out drink trays
• Office paper
• Old corrugated cardboard
• Metal food containers
• Aluminum cans and foil wrap
• Milk cartons/jugs
• Juice cartons
• Glass bottles and jars
• Plastic bottles, cutlery, straws, butter containers
• Film plastics — plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags
• All beverage containers
• Bottle caps
• Styrofoam

Not-so-typical goods that are also recyclable include:
• Fluorescent light bulbs
• Cooking oil, grease
• Cell phones
• Acid and NiCd batteries
• Uniforms
• Used furniture and appliances
• Computer equipment, ink cartridges

One of the first things to offer your customers are signs or other postings to inform them what you are doing and how it helps the community.

Generating good will always proves to be good business.

To Your Restaurant Success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas Synergy Restaurant Consultants


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