Food Truck Competition

Handling the Truck

We see the comments increasingly:

  • One of those food trucks is parked across the street from my restaurant business.
  • People are lined up around the block and wait for 40 minutes for food from the truck.
  • How can I compete? I have limited parking, brick and mortar building with overhead costs, etc.?

From pork to pastry, the trucks are causing a real stir. How can your restaurant business compete? The answer is to realize your own advantages an use them.  Find out the opponent’s advantages and outperform them.

You have real advantages:

  • They are cooking in a truck while you have a gourmet kitchen.
  • They have people lined up around the block…in the weather and without a place to sit. You have a comfortable indoor atmosphere with lights, warmth, tables and service.
  • You have little parking…they have none to offer.
  • Your food is served and served up hot. Their customers have to take theirs home, eat in the car, or stand on the corner in public.

The Kogi wagon offers Korean BBQ. So, why don’t you counter with a Kogi special that pulls customers away from the truck to your restaurant business? The only real advantage the truck has is the taste of the food.  So you make your food taste even better! How do you do that? Start with a visit to and take good look. You’ll get the idea. They may have some interesting pork, but you can tell people you are serving up gourmet Voodoo dishes…and they cannot resist.

To Your Success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas


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