Getting the Word Out when Hiring at Your Restaurant

Ask any employer, posting a job opening on Monster, Career Builder or similar site is an absolute nightmare. One business we know turned off the fax machine after an hour because they had gotten 200 resumes…not to mention an additional 350 resumes via email. Yikes!

Morton’s Steakhouse nearby had a very interesting approach. They ran a Craigslist ad that listed the responsibilities of the post and offered interviews for exactly one day, in person, at the restaurant, between the hours of 11am to 3pm. So, you had to have the determination and desire to want the job badly enough to insure you were there on the day and time mentioned. When a candidate arrived, they learned the restaurant business did not open until 5pm. So, the first task was to find a way into the restaurant, find the right person, and get an application. The secret was to check the intercom at the service entrance. How many managed it? Very few. But, those problem solvers got applications in.


There are many small ways to get good people in your restaurant business. Start with your best existing people. Ask them about trusted people they know. Put together simple ways to find the best people and move forward.


One thought on “Getting the Word Out when Hiring at Your Restaurant

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