Choosing a Restaurant Consultant Part 2

Last time we set out a basic 5 point scenario on how to select a restaurant business consultant. This time we will examine what you should look for in their proposals.
A well written proposal typically should include the following:

  • Background information: on the issues involved based on your discussions with the consultant. The scope and approach to the project for your restaurant business should include the deliverables, whether it is a report or actual hands-on assistance.
  • Information needed by the consultant from you to perform the project, usually in list form.
  • An outline and some serious details of anticipated project.
  • Completion dates for each phase with possible bonuses or penalties depending on the level of service, quality of craftsmanship, and any written agreements.
  • A discussion of fees, expenses and payment schedules in general and for any sub-contractors.

The Written Proposal Should Tell You:

  • That the consultant clearly understands the assignment
  • What control do you have over the professional fees charged
  • That all items discussed are presented in the proposal.

It has been said that “good proposals make good consultants” – If you are comfortable with the proposal, then consider it for one more day before you sign it and return it to the consultant. This will help mitigate future misunderstanding during the course of the project for your restaurant business.


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