Hot Restaurant Concepts to Look Out For

By Joan Lang

There may be nothing new under the sun, but there are certainly new ways of packaging it.
This has been going on in the restaurant industry since, well, not exactly the dawn of recorded civilization but for some time now. White Castle (1921) begets McDonald’s (1940) begets Back Yard Burgers (1987) begets Shake Shack (2004).

The mom and pop pizzeria morphs into artisanal pie shrine Co. (and in the meantime, the handmade pie format gets taken up by the likes of Domino’s and Uno Chicago Grill). And the old-fashioned diner gets totally remade in postmodern style at Au Cheval, with its foie gras scrambled eggs and fried housemade bologna sandwich.

read the entire article here: Hot New Concepts 2.0

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