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One for the Nose: Restaurant Design Should Always Include an Aroma Strategy

What smells?  I hope it’s not your walk-ins or “fresh fish!”

I am so grateful for my sense of smell and I test it every time I walk into a restaurant hoping to create an instant emotional connection.  The power of aroma is truly astounding.
There are many reasons why I enjoy eating at the Hillstone Groups restaurants.  One of my most favorite treats is walking through the front door at Houston’s, Bandara or Gulfstream, and always look forward to eating in their restaurants and knowing in advance that I will always smell wonderful aromas that will set the tone of my dining experience.

These guys clearly understand and embrace the aroma strategy.   The lesson learned here is that when designing a restaurant or kitchen, consideration should always be given to finding ways to perfume the restaurant with wonderful aromas of food.  We get it, and our team of restaurant design experts can help you make that emotional connection with your guest through creative restaurant design.


Don’t under estimate the power of aroma – it’s alluring, captivating and guess what? It makes people hungry and they spend more money.  This is a simple way to get people to look forward to eating in your restaurant and spending more money.  What smells in your restaurant?