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Green Tip: Composting at your Restaurant

Why Compost?


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This is an ongoing series to help our clients reap the benefits of going green. ( Read part 1 ) Yes, when done correctly, setting a balanced environmental mentality can actually save you money. Yes, one can go overboard on such things and it becomes counterproductive. However, the right mix of ecology can profit a restaurant business handsomely.

Don’t dump — Compost

Non-edible food scraps — plate scrapings, fruit and vegetable peelings, stale baked goods or spoiled foods — do not need to be dumped or washed down garbage disposals.

Instead, your restaurant business can compost, turning food throwaways and biodegradable products into organically decomposed material used for growing plants and conditioning lawns and gardens.

Composting or biological decomposition is a natural form of recycling that occurs when organic material decomposes (or composts) to form organic fertilizer. Compost is created by taking organic wastes — food leftovers, yard trimmings, biodegradable products — in proper ratios into piles, rows or vessels and adding bulking agents to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials.

Composting is also a process that can transform wasted food into an environmentally-useful commodity. For example, in San Francisco, kitchen trimmings, plate scrapings and compostable material from over 2,000 restaurants businesses are composted each day. Instead of 300 tons of restaurant food waste going into landfills, a composting operation turns the restaurant garbage into premium, high-priced compost sold to California vineyards.


Why Compost?

If you choose to compost, you will help improve our environment by providing organic materials that enhance the soil, help reduce pollution caused by the incineration of waste, and improve water-holding capacity. But most importantly, by composting, you help remove tons of waste from waste stream and water treatment plants and divert reusable organic matter from landfills.

Learn more about recycling, reducing and reusing in our continuing series.

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Is Green Certification Worth It?

At the NRA show in Chicago last week the convention floor was eco friendly and as green as can be. The buzz from vendors was consumers reward credible green practices with their business. According to the National Restaurant Association research, 44% of consumers say they are likely to make a restaurant choice based on a restaurants efforts to conserve energy and water, and 60% say they are more likely to visit a restaurant offering food that is environmentally responsible.

It might be easier to be green than to talk about it. Many restaurant managers are afraid of being accused of “greenwashing” or otherwise bragging and being insincere in their efforts to have a more eco-friendly business model. As a result, few chains are marketing their legitimate green and sustainable efforts to their consumers. Instead of touting their various conservation steps in their ads, or even on Facebook, many individual restaurants and chains are keeping their green playing cards close to their organic fiber fabric vests, opting to let customers discover the sustainability on their own…or through the enthusiasm of employees.

If you seek subtle ways to promote and market your restaurants eco friendly strategy and become ‘green seal’ certified give us a call, our Restaurant Marketing team has their finger on the pulse of this movement.