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Emeal Alerts


After recently attending the Marketing Executives Conference and listening to all of the commentary it is now apparent that Twitter facebook linkedin google myspace sms, mms wap/wml iPhone Blackberry RSS geographical push marketing – marketing your restaurant will NEVER AGAIN be what it was when newspapers predominated our world. Never Ever.

Imagine: It is 8:00 pm and your restaurant is empty – three customers in the whole place. Inn seconds you send out a Twitter message that arrives on the phones, twitters, facebook pages, email boxes and desktops of all of your Twitter customers offering 20% off if they come in now. Your customers win by saving money. You win by seating a customer that you would not have otherwise been able to bring in.

Imagine: Your pizza parlor has a full crew and delivery drivers ready to go on your slowest delivery day of the week. You Twitter your customers a message offering 20% off any order between 6pm and 8pm that evening. Everybody wins as you will make sales that would not otherwise have been made, and you have established another positive contact with that customer.

Viral marketing as defined on Wikipedia: “The buzzwords viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses.”

Imagine: You operate a national chain of restaurants and you develop a facebook application that encourages you customers to pass well-thought out coupons to their 1700 facebook friends. This is viral marketing at its finest – and did you know that Melting Pot is doing it right now? If you haven’t seen the Melting Pot facebook app, you need to!

When your restaurant is ready to begin to use these exciting new marketing opportunities you will need to add a new type of marketing consultant to the mix: a web-applications developer with great marketing insights about how to build the tools that bring your restaurant onto this brand new playing field.

That is where Synergy comes in we provide free web-based social marketing strategies to increase sales and brand awareness for your restaurant. Check out to market your promotions for free!

If your restaurant is going to be a leader in this new economy you need to work with a strategic marketing partner like Synergy to build the combination of tools you will need.

We can provide you with needed guidance and support to guide you down the path to using the Internet to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Your payoff will not be quick. The first objective of your new marketing paradigm will be to find ways to encourage your customers to join in. We can provide you with strategies where newbie’s will elect to follow you. Others need to trust you with their email address or texting digits. You will have to work to develop that trust – but once you have it you have a virtually free marketing tool to craft carefully into a brave new way of interacting with your customers.

You can start out small – take the time to begin building that trust and education now, then add other tools as you have established a backlog of contact information