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CIA Worlds of Flavor

CIA Worlds of Flavor

The Culinary Institute of America just wrapped up their 19th annual Worlds of Flavor® conference and festival, World Flavors: Casual by Design. The highly anticipated event featured culinary experts and renowned chefs from around the globe sharing delicious food and insights with hundreds of attendees. (Fun fact: Did you know that the founders of Synergy Restaurants Consultants are both CIA trained chefs?) Read on here.

New Discoveries: Thrive Algae Oil

Thrive Algae Oil

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the reTHINK Food Conference and were privy to some new culinary breakthroughs, methods and products. One product totally rocked our world and is poised to change the way we all cook.   The product in question? Thrive Culinary… continue reading below:



Food Trend Alert: Israeli Cuisine

Israeli Cuisine

Ottolenghi was just the first sign. Google the name Yotam Ottolenghi or his London restaurant Nopi or his four eponymous delis and you also get eight cookbooks, three television shows and more articles in the food press than you can shake a pita bread at. Collectively, this empire gives a glimpse on what could be the Next Big Thing in global cuisine: Israeli food. Read on here: Israeli: New Cuisine on the Block


Labneh photo credit: say_cheddar license cc by 2.0