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What’s Trending in Grains, Beans, Fruit and Veggies

Vegetarian Trends

With the “plant-based” movement picking up steam, restaurant operators looking to set their menus apart or create meatless (or nearly) signatures are wondering: What’s the next brussels sprout? What are some techniques for tofu? And can anything topple the reign of quinoa?

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Creating a point of difference: Urbane Cafe

We are always looking at restaurants concepts that require a low capital investment, delivers a strong ROI and easy to execute against.  Moreover it needs to be scalable, have a clear point of differentiation and provide a craveable product with a memorable guest experience.


Last week I drove 90 miles in LA traffic ( 3 hours) to Agoura Hills to visit Urbane Café.  Read more here

Hanging Gardens

Lots of restaurants use foliage as décor. Hanging gardens are very evocative and peaceful. However, more restaurant managers are realizing that hanging gardens can have a dual purpose. Using advance hydroponics, columns of pretty greenery end up as the salad on the table or the vegetables on the entrée. For two decades, one of the most popular educational exhibits at Walt Disney World in Orlando is a vast warehouse that hold sky high columns, rows and racks of bare root plants on turntables, conveyors and drip systems. Sprayed with a constant fine mist of water and nutrients, monumental volumes of fruits and vegetables are produced in record time and year round. It is enough to constantly supply all the restaurants throughout the entire Disney World resort.

Growing and ripe fruits and vegetables are very picturesque. Green plants add to decoration. And you keep the guests entertained, too. Hospitality managers and restaurant business around the country are finding new ways of supplying their own foodstuffs, entertaining the guests, controlling costs, and just being creative. Want to be all of those with your restaurant business? Contact Synergy Restaurant Consultants.