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Passing on Restaurant Healthcare Costs?

Added Healthcare Fees


Last week while on a Discovery Tour in Los Angeles with a lovely, well-known client we are not yet able to disclose, we spotted a restaurant human resources practice that’s been popping up across the country and Los Angeles in recent years…

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Amazing News! Hospital Food Gets Tasty!


Realizing the importance of high staff morale, and high quality ‘fuel’ for all guests, the Executive Staff at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, decided to try a different, more innovative approach to what is really a Hospital Restaurant Food Court. Because the majority of the Operations Assessment projects Synergy completes involve the commercial restaurant industry, the Parkland team decided that a totally different, ‘outside-the-box’ perspective was needed. Having analyzed more than sixty (60) restaurant companies via their Operations Assessment protocol, Synergy was the perfect choice. Thus, Synergy Restaurant Consultants was retained for a full Operations Assessment by Parkland Memorial Hospital. Synergy optimized operations efficiencies and product quality keys to their retail foodservice assessment

Synergy representatives spent five days with us performing their Operations Assessment, observing all aspects of our business, following the flow of purchasing, receiving, production and service to our guests through the Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meal periods”, related Celia Krazit, Operations Director for the food service venues. “They left no stone unturned, and prepared a detailed report with untold numbers of valuable recommendations that we feel will improve guest satisfaction, guest counts and revenues while making us much more productive and efficient, resulting in reduced operating costs.”

In addition to the Operations Assessment, Synergy provided Celia and her team with objective judgments regarding food and beverage quality, price-value perceptions, plating/presentation recommendations, alternative menu selections, new product opportunities, and product display suggestions all designed to enhance the overall ‘feel’ of the café. Finally, they prepared a rough draft plan for a potential café renovation, with suggestions for new café stations that will move Parkland into the next generation of food innovation, all designed to maintain a high degree of staff ‘dine-in’ retention and satisfaction, all leading to improved bottom line performance