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Restaurants Begin to Clean Up their Menus



As we continue to digest the news of Chipotle freeing its menu of GMO ingredients, Panera announced its plans to remove artificial additives and ingredients from its food. This new approach is extending past foodservice:

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Healthy menu items that hit the spot

With all the news coverage, government legislation, nutrition watch-dogging and often-conflicting scientific reports, many consumers are confused about what’s healthy—feeling guilty and exhausted by efforts to find a healthy way of life. And many people equate healthy eating with more expense and less flavor. It seems like we’re losing all the fun.

Fortunately, amid the recent rush to add healthier options to menus, some operators have found a way to keep the pleasure principles intact: read more on restaurants with delicious healthy menu options

2011 Restaurant Trends

As 2011 soon approaches, so too will food-labeling requirements for many restaurants, particularly chains with 20 or more locations. Check out the following foodservice trends as the top 5 that will result from the federal menu labeling mandates.

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2011 promises to ring in nutritious changes at restaurants

Healthy Eats on New Taco Bell Menu

Although it’s hard to dispute the statement that “fast food is bad food,” we all give in to the need for grabbing a quick bite to eat. Fortunately, many in the fast-food industry have responded to demands for healthier fare, and some restaurants are making it easier to alter existing menu choices.

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