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What’s Trending in Grains, Beans, Fruit and Veggies

Vegetarian Trends

With the “plant-based” movement picking up steam, restaurant operators looking to set their menus apart or create meatless (or nearly) signatures are wondering: What’s the next brussels sprout? What are some techniques for tofu? And can anything topple the reign of quinoa?

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How Important Are Menu Descriptions for the Health-Conscious?

Mintel just released new consumer research with some interesting statistics on healthy eating and what drives the purchases of health-conscious consumers. Here are some facts you should know:

• 38% of adults are more likely to order a healthy menu item if it sounds delicious in the menu description
• 27% of consumers prefer to order healthy menu items with familiar ingredients (as opposed to unfamiliar superfoods)

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Look out for REAL Certification at Restaurants

Have you seen this logo at any of your favorite restaurants?

REAL Certified Seal

REAL Certified Seal

If so, you were in a good place.  The green logo above is the mark of a REAL Certified restaurant and was created to serve as “a beacon to customers seeking healthier food.”

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What’s the Consumer’s View on Healthy Dining?

It is a common belief amongst restaurateurs that low-calorie menu options are necessary to accommodate health-conscious guests, but emerging research may suggest otherwise. A recent study by The NPD Group found that many consumers are not interested in light options and are eating “healthy” simply by ordering less.  Many Americans regard dining out as a treat, and do not want to be restricted to light meals.  Instead, they are practicing moderation by ordering smaller portions, skipping dessert, and passing on alcoholic beverages.

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What Exactly Does Organic Mean?

Organic food is the highest growth sector of the grocery market today, climbing 9.5% to reach $31.5B in 20121. No longer confined to the walls of Whole Foods, organic products (food and otherwise) are cropping up in aisles from your local corner bodega to mass-market giants like Wal-Mart. More and more, the organic option has become synonymous with the better and healthier choice. But the truth is rarely that simple. So here are some top facts that unveil what that price premium really gets you.

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Healthy Restaurant Menus Can Be Mouth-Watering

Healthy food has a bad reputation for being not delicious yet somewhat expensive. It’s quite a shame, really, because with the right mix of ingredients and flavors restaurants can have a healthy and mouth-watering menu. Read more about delivering a delicious healthy menu at your restaurant


LYFE Kitchen - Art's Unfried Chicken

LYFE Kitchen – Art’s Unfried Chicken


Healthy menu items that hit the spot

With all the news coverage, government legislation, nutrition watch-dogging and often-conflicting scientific reports, many consumers are confused about what’s healthy—feeling guilty and exhausted by efforts to find a healthy way of life. And many people equate healthy eating with more expense and less flavor. It seems like we’re losing all the fun.

Fortunately, amid the recent rush to add healthier options to menus, some operators have found a way to keep the pleasure principles intact: read more on restaurants with delicious healthy menu options

Healthy Eats on New Taco Bell Menu

Although it’s hard to dispute the statement that “fast food is bad food,” we all give in to the need for grabbing a quick bite to eat. Fortunately, many in the fast-food industry have responded to demands for healthier fare, and some restaurants are making it easier to alter existing menu choices.

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Raw food bars, coming to a neighborhood near you

When it comes to nutritious eating, going raw is certainly the healthiest route. If you believe that a salad is the only option, think again! When you’re in a pinch and craving an un-boring, delicious, healthy meal, check out your local raw food bar. Read the rest of the article about restaurant raw food bars on Synergy Consultants.