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What’s Trending in Grains, Beans, Fruit and Veggies

Vegetarian Trends

With the “plant-based” movement picking up steam, restaurant operators looking to set their menus apart or create meatless (or nearly) signatures are wondering: What’s the next brussels sprout? What are some techniques for tofu? And can anything topple the reign of quinoa?

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Healthy Restaurant Menus Can Be Mouth-Watering

Healthy food has a bad reputation for being not delicious yet somewhat expensive. It’s quite a shame, really, because with the right mix of ingredients and flavors restaurants can have a healthy and mouth-watering menu. Read more about delivering a delicious healthy menu at your restaurant


LYFE Kitchen - Art's Unfried Chicken

LYFE Kitchen – Art’s Unfried Chicken


Raw food bars, coming to a neighborhood near you

When it comes to nutritious eating, going raw is certainly the healthiest route. If you believe that a salad is the only option, think again! When you’re in a pinch and craving an un-boring, delicious, healthy meal, check out your local raw food bar. Read the rest of the article about restaurant raw food bars on Synergy Consultants.