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How to Use Furikake

By now, most chefs are hip to umami – you know, the magical sixth flavor commonly referred to as that savory taste we all crave. You can get that depth of flavor in your dishes with umami-rich ingredients like parmesan cheese, tomatoes, soy sauce, mushrooms and beef (you get the idea). In Japanese cuisine, furikake, is a popular condiment…

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Understanding Consumer Psychographics

By The Synergy Team

A lot of ink has been given lately to consumer psychographics and what customers want when they spend their money. For the restaurant industry, it all comes back to the growing notion that American society has shifted toward an Experience Economy—and that in order to be successful, businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product. Food, service and ambience aren’t enough anymore; in fact, they’ve become a given, without which a restaurateur doesn’t have a prayer of keeping the doors open. Read more here: What Do Customers Want? Everything.

2011 Restaurant Trends

As 2011 soon approaches, so too will food-labeling requirements for many restaurants, particularly chains with 20 or more locations. Check out the following foodservice trends as the top 5 that will result from the federal menu labeling mandates.

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2011 promises to ring in nutritious changes at restaurants

It’s never been tastier or easier to go meatless!

The Yard House Restaurant chain plans to step up its healthy menu options by preparing 25 of its most popular dishes using fake meat believing it will appeal to both meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

At its Irvine Spectrum, CA restaurant, the chain recently began using a vegetable protein from gardein, a brand of plant-based foods with the taste and texture of premium lean meat.


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iPads are used as menus in restaurants

Without a doubt the world’s latest technological craze  is the iPad. In fact, the iPad’s opening day sales alone hit over 300,000! But besides being a handheld cross between a PDA/smartphone and laptop, what other creative purpose can it serve? Interestingly enough, the iPad is creeping its way into restaurants as a menu and ordering device!


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How do you compete with large chain restaurants?

Think of all the Denny’s and Norm’s and other breakfast chains that dot the landscape. That’s a huge monster to compete against!  How can your restaurant start up compete with these gargantuan restaurant chains?

Consider that every ordinary item on your restaurant business menu can be elevated to the extraordinary with a mere pinch, dash or sprinkle of something that enhances a taste beyond anything expected.

Think beyond the ordinary to a vast array of consumables in your restaurant that could be amped up with a slight change.  Dean and Danny’s offers:

  • Custom Spice Blends for your restaurant menu
  • Meat and Sausage Seasonings, Vacuum-Tumble Marinades, Rubs, Pumps, Injections
  • Soups, Salad Dressings and Sauces
  • Beverages, Gourmet Coffee, Cocoa Mix, Cocktail Flavorings and Spice Mixes
  • Dough Set-Ups for Rolls, Muffins, Breads, Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, Crusts for Pies, Pizzas and Calzones
  • Batters for Pancakes, Waffles and Other Breakfast Foods
  • Bulk Spices of All Types
  • Gourmet Seasonings
  • Snack Food Flavors
  • Private Label Manufacturing promoting your restaurant business

Delicious grill seasonings

Can you imagine the possibilities? Good! Let’s get cooking!

To Your Success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas

Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Where You Meet Matters

We have some very exciting news to share – We’ve moved. Yes, we have moved into our new test kitchen facility at Dana Point harbor and it is impressive.
Where You Meet Matters! The Synergy Innovation and Conference Facilities is nestled at the tip of Dana Point Harbor with magnificent and unobstructed views of the marina and Catalina Island. Our scenic waterfront location provides both large and small groups with a unique ocean view environment that will expand creative thinking and the ability to express ‘big ideas’ and explore new business opportunities.

If you are looking for the next big idea this is the place to find it.