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How to Promote your Restaurant for Back-to-School Season

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As temperatures begin to cool down and the leaves start to change colors, we say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year!

As restaurant owners, this season presents a huge opportunity to deliver great promotions for both parents and students alike. Restaurants like Shoney’s and El Fenix offered deeply discounted or even free kid’s meals through the month of August, while more popular spots like Denny’s and IKEA… read on here: 4 WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR RESTAURANT DURING BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON


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Restaurant Marketing: Are Deal Sites Worth It?

By Emily Callaghan, Communications & Marketing

We’ve all seen them: $20 vouchers that will score the buyer $50 to spend. Or a bargain-priced $35 for a four-course meal costing nonsubscribers double that amount. While the guest might get a bargain, are the Groupons and LivingSocials of the world a death sentence for restaurants?

Let’s consider which restaurants participate in such promotions. Since restaurants receive a poor return on every deal after paying service fees—typically earning around 25% on every dollar—a busy, successful establishment isn’t likely to offer these deals. Read on here: Groupon and Living Social: A Death Sentence for Restaurants?

Restaurants Gone Mobile

Mobile differentiates your brand from competitors’, strengthens your relationship with customers—particularly loyal regulars—and drives profits.

Recent data from Morgan Stanley reveals that the number of smartphones and tablets is now outstripping computers, and mobile browsing is becoming the new normal for internet access.

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Starbucks Mobile App

Starbucks Mobile App | Image credit: Flickr by Rob Enslin

How to use Instragram for your Restaurant Marketing

The business world had barely heard of Instagram prior to April 2012, when Facebook shelled out a billion dollars to acquire the cult-favorite photo-sharing site; now it’s one of the fastest-growing social media applications in the world. Instagram is viral, it’s visual, it’s inclusive and interactive, it’s food porn: What’s not to like?

We mentioned Instagram briefly last year in the article “New Tools for Your Social Media Arsenal,” but if you haven’t climbed on board yet…


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Is it worth it for my restaurant to run a group deal promotion?

As a business owner, you recognize the opportunity there is for obtaining new clientele, gaining more exposure and ultimately to raking in some decent profits.

Before you decide to take the plunge and offer a group discount for your restaurant  business, think carefully about your strategy. Unfortunately, while some find great success, ..

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It’s never been tastier or easier to go meatless!

The Yard House Restaurant chain plans to step up its healthy menu options by preparing 25 of its most popular dishes using fake meat believing it will appeal to both meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

At its Irvine Spectrum, CA restaurant, the chain recently began using a vegetable protein from gardein, a brand of plant-based foods with the taste and texture of premium lean meat.


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There is a rush to go ‘green. However, general awareness of what green building is, and what it is not, is changing. Architects and clients are considering many other factors beyond light bulbs. So many recycled and new products like paint have variable life spans and durability in products. Continued recyclability and reusability, and energy efficiency are all factors. You cannot simply say ‘it’s a recycled material, good, I’m done,’ There is far more to consider.

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