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Food Trend: Ethnic Spices

ethnic spices

International flavors are what’s hot all across the country on every menu you see. African flavors are perhaps the most popular of them all, with Middle Eastern flavors following closely behind. Read more: Hot Food Trend 2017: Ethnic Spices


Food Trend Alert: Heirloom Produce

Heirloom produce


Everyone has heard of heirloom tomatoes, but now heirloom everything is sprouting up in the mainstream. Chefs are loving these simple, earthy ingredients. Heirloom has such a nice ring to it, especially when you include it in the description of a dish with heirloom vegetables.

Restaurant Menu Management Tips

Menu Management: A Big Piece of the Labor Puzzle

Labor is the single biggest challenge facing the restaurant industry today, and the issue goes beyond hiring, scheduling and training. This focused article will explore how menu management—a disciplined, five-step approach to assessing what’s on the menu and how it’s prepared—can help optimize existing labor.

Read the entire article here: Menu Management: A Big Piece of the Labor Puzzle

Millennials and Dining: What you Need to Know

Best restaurant chains for Millennials

Restaurant Business magazine’s recent special report on “The Consumer: What Drives Today’s Consumers” raises lots of interesting questions.


Take the piece on“Millennials’ Favorite Chains,” which details the preferences and habits of that cohort of the population whose loyalty everyone seems to be after these days.


A Look at Trends that Will Impact Menus This Year

10 Menu Trends

  1. Authentic vs. Inventive

There’s a dichotomy playing out on menus as the road ahead splits in two very different directions: authenticity and simplicity, as defined by market-driven concepts like Sweetgreen and the new-old Jams, where the signature dish is a simple roast chicken; and playful cross-cultural mashups where the kitchen’s creativity is the focus, like the…

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