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Plating techniques can enhance guest experience

There are various methods of food presentation that are simple yet effective means to deliver that “wow” element to a dish. Read our best practices below to make sure you’re covering all your food plating bases.

Japanese cuisine; Kaisen-don:Japanese rice bowl dish: 海鮮丼 | CC by Conveyor belt sushi on Flickr

Japanese cuisine; Kaisen-don:Japanese rice bowl dish: 海鮮丼 | CC by Conveyor belt sushi on Flickr

Combine various textures: an experienced chef understands that humans…


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What is Prime Cost in the Restaurant Industry?

By Brad Miller, Operations Associate

Image credit: Flickr by 401(K) 2013

Image credit: Flickr by 401(K) 2013

In the restaurant business, a lot of percentages are thrown around as gauges of success or financial health. Food cost, liquor cost, occupancy cost, labor cost, controllable costs… just to name a few. None are more important, however, than the big one: PRIME COST.

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Formulas for Successful Restaurants. Let’s do the math!

The Mathematics of Restaurants

by J. Clyde Gilfillan, JCG3 Development Inc.

The “mathematics” of the restaurant business is really not about math per se: It’s about putting the business into equations (simple terms) that get to the core of what successful companies are doing in this challenging and wonderful world of hospitality. Perhaps these “equations” will ring a bell within yourself and/or your organization.


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The Mathematics of Restaurants

Is your restaurant kitchen energy efficient?

If you’re in the restaurant business, you understand how much energy is used in your kitchen — from ovens, grills, and stoves to freezers and refrigerators, the kitchen is most certainly a huge cost-center for overhead. How energy efficient do you think your kitchen is? Did you know that with a few simple additions and changes, you can save a lot of money and even time in your kitchen?  In turn, you can realize more profits and higher guest satisfaction due to quicker service!

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