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6 Tips for Recruiting an Amazing Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Recruitment

Many people open restaurants based on their big dreams for sharing their food or their concept with others as well as to turn out a large profit. But as many as 60% of new restaurants that open up fail within the first year and a whopping 80% tank in less than five years, according to Business Insider.

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How to Create a Successful Bar Plan

bar beverage plan

Are you a bar owner who is serious about creating a successful plan that you and your team can stick to?  Too often bar owners and managers simply move away from the goals and objectives set forth.  However, if your plan is well laid out with buy in from all levels of leadership and you remain steadfast, you will put yourself and your team on the path to success.

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5 Simple Ways Restaurant Operators Can Increase their Bottom Line

Restaurant Management Advice 

  1. Kitchen Labor Schedules

Most operators use old methodologies and scheduling to determine labor needs.  These approaches are flawed and ultimately hurt the bottom line due to inefficient use of excess labor.

FIX:  Create preparation times for each menu item

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Attention Restaurant Owners: Responding to Negative Yelp Reviews

By Emily Callaghan, Communications Manager

Any business operator can tell you that Yelp reviews can help or hurt, and since no one can please 100% of customers 100% of the time, restaurant owners can expect a less-than-glowing review at some point. In fact, negative reviews can even be seen as a positive…

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Thinking of Raising Prices to Combat Rising Food Costs?

Have you noticed it is getting more expensive to eat out? Recently, many restaurants have raising their prices in an effort to protect themselves from soaring food costs. Whether it is the avocado shortage in California or the shrimp disease in southeast Asia, these events affect food prices across the world. It’s different for retailers to raise prices versus a restaurant. Read the full article here:

New Regulations for California Bartenders

Photo Credit: License CC by 2.0 Copyright Flickr User Dita Margarita

Photo Credit: License CC by 2.0 Copyright Flickr UserDita Margarita


California bartenders are now required to wear gloves when handling components that go directly into drinks, for example ice cubes or lemon twists. These new regulations are a hot topic in the restaurant industry, with many chefs and professionals against the legislation.

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Dealing with the I-9 Form

You may have heard about a problem with pre-populating Section 1 of the Form I-9 — ignore it!

There seems to be some confusion among our esteemed policy-making agencies about the issue of whether it is legal or not legal to pre-populate Section 1 of the Form I-9:

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Preventing Employee Theft At Restaurants

Photo Credit: Flickr by Deborah Fitchett

Photo Credit: Flickr by Deborah Fitchett

As simple as employees snacking during shifts or as extreme as stealing cases of food right off of the delivery truck, theft has always been an issue for restaurant owners.  No matter the severity, these costs add up and hurt your bottom line and profitability.  By implementing simple safeguards, you can protect your operation against theft and pilferage.

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