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Get creative with your restaurant marketing!

Offers like the conventional birthday freebie and happy hour are a dime-a-dozen. So how can you differentiate your offer so you can bring in more people to your restaurant? It’s time to think outside the box!

To create a unique restaurant promotion, try using the following list to get inspired!

Photo Credit: CC by Bob B. Brown "Cow Appreciation Day"

Photo Credit: CC by Bob B. Brown “Cow Appreciation Day”

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Interesting Ways to Run a Restaurant Promotion

The beauty part of this promotion is that it’s aimed straight at creating ownership and brand superiority. The pledge includes such credos as “Smith & Wollensky is MY steakhouse. I will have no other,” and “If I am taken to another steakhouse, I will politely direct the table conversation to the inferiority of the steakhouse to Smith & Wollensky”…

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The Cult of In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger’s cult status was confirmed for me by a story I read by a well known branding expert who teaches restaurant marketing at a major university in the Midwest.  She was in swank Newport Beach during the Christmas holidays attending a wine tasting holiday party. You know the type–lovely food, cool guests, wonderful wines, affluent old friends.  It was going quite well when all of a sudden around 10 pm dozens and dozens of Double-Doubles appeared…hot, juicy, neatly wrapped and ready to be paired with…well, a Pinot Noir. It caused a sensation as tray after tray of ready-to-eat burgers circulated through the re-energized crowd of guests leaving a trail ooh’s and aah’s in its wake. Apparently, In-N-Out Burger even has an “In-N-Out-mobile” that you can schedule to visit your event…if you have the foresight to schedule months in advance. And Yes, they have had it running years before the Kogi craze ever came on the scene.

Every now and then, it’s important for every restaurant owner and brand to ask the question: “What legendary stories has our restaurant marketing team inspired lately?” Great brands really do inspire their own type of brand folklore. Passionate guests with powerful brand loyalty make brands legendary by passing on their powerful stories.  Word of mouth restaurant marketing is the best marketing a restaurant could ever hope for.

In-and-Out Burger possesses hundred of those legendary tales. And many people have their own stories. Yes, the ingredients are fresh, the menu very simple, the workers all fresh faced youngsters right out of Mayberry. The food may not be exceptionally outstanding, but the mystique created and collected and preserved by loyal followers makes the difference…right down to the little bible verses imbedded under the bottom cup rims.

All this made me realize that this really is the hallmark of a powerful brand…a brand so powerful that it breeds legendary stories by passionate fans with powerful reactions. Nordstrom used to inspire this kind of legendary story…it still occasionally does.

What is the legacy and legend your restaurant is producing today?


New Year, New You

Welcome to a New Year and a new decade all you restaurant start ups!  We at Synergy, as restaurant consultants look forward to 2010 and highly suggest restaurant and hospitality operators begin reaching out to customers and market your restaurant in new and creative ways.  The first step is to find out how customers perceive your restaurant.  Classify the customer base into different types of users (loyal to you, enjoy your type of cuisine, loyal to locality, loyal to neither, brand new, etc).  Once you have this powerful info, you can “improve the conversation” with these customers via offers that expand upon their tastes and suggest new items.  Operators can also use this valuable information to target and maximize new food item or drink sales from specific types of customers.

Restaurant marketing requires a wide range of tools and strategies. Use Social Media!!  Facebook has an active amount of users amounting to roughly the size of Western Europe – 450 million people.  It has around 74 million users in the United States alone.  Social networking is huge and will continue to have a dramatic impact on how retailers market in 2010.  No, this is not masses of teens yakking with each other.  This is a very serious advertising and sales tool that you need to use.  As restaurant consultants, we have seen explosive growth in the use and success of those in foodservice utilizing these new tools like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

We have found that more than 80 percent of the time, when a customer comes into a restaurant and like their experience they don’t have an easy way to broadcast what happened to them and recommend the place…which could very well be YOUR place.  Now is the time for foodservice operators to capitalize on these happy customers willing to promote your restaurant to social networks.  One recently launched example is GoRecommend, a social media application that allows customers to easily recommend brands on Facebook.  For example, using GoRecommend, in just a few months Red Robin was able to generate 250,000 positive impressions on Facebook.

There are great restaurant marketing tools and ideas everywhere.  We at Synergy Restaurant Consultants have numerous tools specifically targeted to assist you in taking your restaurant business to the next level and beyond via operations and tools you may never have contemplated before.  And no, you do not have to be a techno-wizard to have or use them.  All you need are the friendly and knowledgeable people here at Synergy.  Contact us today to get the edge you need in 2010.

To your success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas