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Marketing for your Restaurant– A blog series

Restaurant Branding and Marketing


“I don’t have time to market my business (or the money).”

When I speak with clients, 9 out of 10 times I hear the same thing. Small chains and start-ups don’t have the benefit of having a marketing department, and those that do, often wait for the “field marketing team” to step in and help build sales. After all, “Isn’t that what the marketing folks get paid for?” It’s a mindset that affects too many operators and brands. Read on here:

Using Social Media to Market your Restaurant

Restaurant Social Media

Thanks to technology, we have a lot more avenues to pursue when it comes to marketing restaurants and connecting with the guests we serve. While conducting extensive research on your restaurant through traditional means, Synergy Restaurant Consultants also uses social media marketing and branding to help bring about a positive rating among consumers.


Attention Restaurant Owners: Responding to Negative Yelp Reviews

By Emily Callaghan, Communications Manager

Any business operator can tell you that Yelp reviews can help or hurt, and since no one can please 100% of customers 100% of the time, restaurant owners can expect a less-than-glowing review at some point. In fact, negative reviews can even be seen as a positive…

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Get creative with your restaurant marketing!

Offers like the conventional birthday freebie and happy hour are a dime-a-dozen. So how can you differentiate your offer so you can bring in more people to your restaurant? It’s time to think outside the box!

To create a unique restaurant promotion, try using the following list to get inspired!

Photo Credit: CC by Bob B. Brown "Cow Appreciation Day"

Photo Credit: CC by Bob B. Brown “Cow Appreciation Day”

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June Food Holidays Present New Marketing Opportunities

Did you know that the U.S. celebrates the following foods in the month of June? Yes, June is:


  • Candy Month
  • Dairy Month
  • Dairy Alternatives Month
  • National Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • National Iced Tea Month

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Yelp adding new feature for restaurants

Businesses have understood the importance of online reviews, and nothing is more truer than the restaurant owner who thrives off the huge potential of word of mouth marketing and exposure that Yelp brings to the table. It’s no wonder that prudent restaurant owners understand the importance of…


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How strong is your restaurant’s brand?

The concept of restaurant branding is just like any other business; the branding is what gets customers to remember you; it’s what defines your restaurant — in other words, your brand is who your restaurant is! The aspect of restaurant branding is not one to be downplayed or ignored.

restaurant branding

Restaurant Branding and Marketing

Do you want to develop an entirely new restaurant brand? Increase sales and profitability? Maximize your marketing opportunities? With our proven scientific methodology we will make recommendations that result in satisfying your specific brand initiatives.

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Branding and Marketing for Restaurant using Pinterest

The new age of the Internet has provided massive marketing opportunities for all businesses particularly through the use of social media. We all know and love websites like Facebook and Twitter for restaurant promotions, branding and customer engagement but if you haven’t joinedPinterest yet, you may be losing out on valuable exposure.
Pinterest for Restaurant Marketing

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