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What’s the reason that restaurants fail?

The prospect of owning and operating a successful restaurant is a dream come true for many an entrepreneur, but unfortunately, it may feel as distant as far-off dream those who are actually struggling. You’ve heard the varying (and often scary) statistics – that a large percentage of restaurants fail within their first year of opening.

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Should your restaurant use digital menu displays?

Technology has always played a pivotal role in business, including restaurants. These days, it’s not unheard of to order your favorite meal from an iPad or wait for your pager to buzz when your table is ready. Now if you’re seeking  an efficient way to display your menu, you might want to look into digital menus displays.


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4 Ways to Attract More Restaurant Customers

Whether or not our economy is picking up, it appears that Americans are still paying attention to their spending habits. According to a recent study conducted by foodservice consulting firm AlixPartners LLP, consumers plan to cut back on their restaurant visits by 3 percent and spend 5 percent less when dining out. The reasons include consumers’ desire for affordability without sacrificing quality, healthier food, and convenience…

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Are you in need of restaurant capital? Try the SBA

In this economy, it is very commonplace to seek the need for capital, especially for those in the competitive restaurant industry. Credit cards can be a very short-lived and expensive way to obtain cash. SBA loans (Small Business Association loans) are the ideal way to get the capital you need.


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Professional Restaurant Consulting on a Budget

On A Budget? Do you need a great operating partner who knows, food, bar, operations, marketing and how to make money in the restaurant business? We have a new support service that you might find most beneficial and financially rewarding: Restaurant Consulting on a Budget

Oftentimes we are asked if we would be interested in becoming the ‘operating partner’ in a new restaurant start-up or turnaround. The answer generally depends on the conditions of the situation and with the understanding that an mutually acceptable agreement is in place and enforceable.

Why would you want Synergy Restaurant Consultants as your operations partner? The answer is simple; experience, industry knowledge and a proven track record. In today dining environment great food, good service and value is only the tip of the iceberg in making a restaurant successful. Most successful restaurants generally have a few common denominators such as…

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Recycling made easy for the Restaurant Owner

recycleThis is an ongoing series to help our clients reap the benefits of going green. Yes, when done correctly, setting a balanced environmental mentality can actually save you money. Yes, one can go overboard on such things and it becomes counterproductive. However, the right mix of ecology can profit a restaurant business handsomely.

We hear about recycling all the time. In many cases the prospects are outweighed by the costs and efforts. However, there are little ways to make recycling not only worthwhile, but profitable and promotable…your restaurant  business could be praised by the community for its efforts.  Good will is good business.

Recycling does not have to be a complicated process. Some communities offer curbside pickup programs for common recyclables and you recycle using drop-off centers, buy-back programs or deposit systems.

Typical materials to recycle include:
• Newspapers
• Paper bags, paper carry out drink trays
• Office paper
• Old corrugated cardboard
• Metal food containers
• Aluminum cans and foil wrap
• Milk cartons/jugs
• Juice cartons
• Glass bottles and jars
• Plastic bottles, cutlery, straws, butter containers
• Film plastics — plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags
• All beverage containers
• Bottle caps
• Styrofoam

Not-so-typical goods that are also recyclable include:
• Fluorescent light bulbs
• Cooking oil, grease
• Cell phones
• Acid and NiCd batteries
• Uniforms
• Used furniture and appliances
• Computer equipment, ink cartridges

One of the first things to offer your customers are signs or other postings to inform them what you are doing and how it helps the community.

Generating good will always proves to be good business.

To Your Restaurant Success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Successful Restaurants Build Loyalty through Amazing Guest Service


If you can’t seem to find an angle to out maneuver your competition try this: Create an Amazing Guest Service Strategy!

If you ask 100 restaurant owners how they would rate their guest service our bet is 97-plus percent would say good. When it comes to creating Amazing Guest service, good is the enemy of great.

Amazing and “Over The Top” guest service is a direct result of thee restaurants ability to consistently deliver those “moments of magic” where the ordinary become extraordinary and amazement is achieved. “Over The Top” guest service is simply defined as an “above average or noticeably better” guest experience.

This doesn’t mean that every guest experience and touch point is going to be amazing every time but it does mean being better than good with occasional bursts of WOW and superior service. This can only be accomplished through a commitment to restaurant training and consistently executing well on the little things that can make a dining experience memorable.

To achieve those “over the top” moments of magic where you turn “Guest Service” into “Guest Amazement” it is essential that your internal customers (your team) become true believers, advocates, raving fans and evangelists of the brand.

If you want to out-maneuver your competition you must be able to deliver on “Guest Amazement.”


  • Identify Missed Opportunities





  • Provide The Tools, Systems And Standards To Create Accountability



  • Commitment to Staff Training


The goal of creating “Amazing Guest Service” is to remove all the uncertainty from the service staff, create alignment in message, develop meaningful tools and show them what “Amazing Guest Service” looks like and its benefits. The investment in your Amazing Guest Service Program will enable you to exceed the guest’s expectations, build loyalty and create raving fans. The “Just Satisfied” or “Good” is no longer good enough.



Does your restaurant celebrate birthdays? Of course! However, when the cake or muffin comes and the candle is lit, what of the wax…especially if there are a lot of candles or if there is a long wait to extinguish the flames.
Well here is a ‘life saver’ of an idea to solve that problem; use Life Saver candies as candle holders on Birthday cakes and other celebration foods to catch the wax and keep your food more edible.
There is a cute story of how LifeSavers were created and this is one of those classic happy accidents. They came about in 1912 when Clarence Crane was looking for a candy to sell in the summer when chocolate was difficult to store. He concieved of a hard mint and engaged a pill manufacturer to make them for him. They found that the candies were easier to make if they were donut shaped and thus the candy and name Lifesavers was born.
Need other simple yet creative menu development ideas? Give us a call!


Remember when you were little, when it was pouring outside you would hear “put on your galoshes!”

Increasingly, that term is now found in restaurant industry kitchens. Yes, rubber mats everywhere are great, but it still rains and pours every kind of liquid onto the floor. And it all gets slippery.

The latest solution found in several east coast kitchens is a cut down pair of rubber galoshes that slip right over your regular shoes. They provide an extra grip sole, they are washable, they protect your shoes, and they help prevent slips and slides. And falls. And worker’s comp. You get the picture.

Want more kitchen safety and restaurant operation tips? Visit us at Synergy Restaurant Consultants, the leader in restaurant industry safety, efficiency and security for 20 years.

Americans Continue to Decrease Spending on Eating Out

Some of the results from The Harris Poll, a new study of 2,355 U.S. adults surveyed online between March 9 and 16, 2009 by Harris Interactive.

Americans are cutting back on their spending over the next six months. Specifically:
  1. Three quarters of Americans say it is likely that they will decrease spending on eating out in restaurants (74%) and reduce their spending on entertainment (74%). This is up from November when 65% said they would decrease spending on eating out and 64% would reduce entertainment spending;
  2. Two-thirds of Americans (65%) say it is not likely they will take a vacation away from home lasting longer than a week while 35% say they will vacation away from home. In November, three in ten (29%) of Americans said they would be likely to take a trip;
  3. Only one in five Americans (21%) say it is likely they will have more money to spend the way they want in the next six months which is slightly down from 25% in November.
They may spend less overall, but what they do spend can be spent with your restaurant. How do you get that extra patronage? Contact Synergy to find out.