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Adapting to Millennials

After several years of reduced traffic, restaurant owners are searching for ways to drive Millennials back into their establishments. Millennials, those aged 18-34, represent a large market segment but have reduced their restaurant visits and spent more time eating at home in the past few years. Many restaurants recognize this problem and are adapting their strategies in order to regain the lost traffic. According to a new study from the NPD Group, the following dining elements are most important to Millennials..

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NPD Group Study Examines Perception of Value

The NPD Group conducted a study to examine consumers’ perceptions of value when they go out to eat.  According to “Defining Value Today,” quality of food is the most important value driver when choosing a restaurant.

While it may seem simple at face value, there are many attributes that factor into the value equation. Consumers consider aspects such as service, portion size, taste, quality,

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