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Our Trip to HOST Milan

Milan is often regarded as the fashion capital of the world. However, every two years, professionals in the hospitality industry flock here to preview innovations in food and beverage. While attending the 2017 HOST show in Milan, Danny and I were able to check out the latest and greatest in restaurant technology and also traverse our way throughout Italy feasting our taste buds in delight.

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The Food Hall Trend

Food Halls

Ever try going out to eat with a group of friends but can’t agree on a place? Mary wants Greek, but Tim’s craving Thai. Susan, however, has a hankering for New York style pizza. Well, the food hall is your answer, and they’re on the rise!

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6 Tips for Recruiting an Amazing Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Recruitment

Many people open restaurants based on their big dreams for sharing their food or their concept with others as well as to turn out a large profit. But as many as 60% of new restaurants that open up fail within the first year and a whopping 80% tank in less than five years, according to Business Insider.

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How to Use Furikake

By now, most chefs are hip to umami – you know, the magical sixth flavor commonly referred to as that savory taste we all crave. You can get that depth of flavor in your dishes with umami-rich ingredients like parmesan cheese, tomatoes, soy sauce, mushrooms and beef (you get the idea). In Japanese cuisine, furikake, is a popular condiment…

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Synergy Consultants Gives Back

Dean and Danny

There was a time when the restaurant industry could pretty much count on success by following Ray Kroc’s mantra: Provide QSCV (Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value) to the customer. But the world’s gotten a whole lot more complicated since McDonald’s was the defining restaurant brand.


SEO Tips for Restaurants

According to Pew Research Center, “People looking for information about local restaurants and other businesses say they rely on the internet, especially search engines, ahead of any other source.” It’s a no-brainer: your restaurant should have a web presence.


A web presence extends past a standard website (although if you don’t even have one yet… Read the full article here: SEO FOR RESTAURANTS: 5 THINGS TO DO