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Beverage Strategies

Bar Trends

By George Barton, Sr. Beverage Consultant.


Let me comment on a few current trends in adult beverage and how to best leverage your teams.  Taking the necessary steps can increase incremental beverage sales and as well separate you from that “sea of sameness” in the adult beverage category.


What we know:

Males are 2x more likely to go out more often than females. So how do I attract more female traffic in my restaurant?


  • CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Create a LADIES’ shed, not to compete but to recognize.
  • Women should  not only feel welcome but secure in your bar environment so think about how your staffing your restaurant.

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A Look at Hot Beverage Trends

Beverage Trends

Beverages can be a profit-minded operator’s best friend, attracting and keeping patrons and providing a high-margin source of revenues.


According to Synergy’s new beverage expert George Barton, who has spent 35 years in casual dining operations, “The beverage segment is all about how quickly styles change, and it’s easy to fall into a sea of sameness. If you don’t stay current with the trends, you’ll fall behind.

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Check out these hot beverage trends

With today’s customers craving variety, innovation, and flavor, it should come as no surprise that beverage innovation has proven to be among the top industry trends in 2013. A dynamic, original beverage program can have a significant impact on restaurant traffic, revenue, and brand awareness. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest non-alcoholic beverage trends.

Handcrafted & Artisanal Sodas

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Tea is Quickly Gaining the Spotlight

After decades of being overshadowed by coffee, tea has finally begun to emerge to own the spotlight. Tea expert David DeCandia from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf says the tea industry is “going straight up” and will “at some point…reach the level of coffee”. Domestic sales of tea at restaurants, grocery stores, and shops have increased by 32% in the last 5 years and is still expected to grow to over $18B in the next two years. Compared to coffee, tea has actually been growing faster year over year in the last decade.

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Hard ciders are a new beverage trend

Hard cider is rapidly expanding beyond Martinelli’s and into a craft beverage. Traditionally made with apples, cider can also be from the juice of other fruits such as peaches, berries, and pears. The typical ABV for hard ciders are also very flexible…

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Crispin - Bird on a wire | Image credit: Flickr by o_sam_o

Crispin – Bird on a wire | Image credit: Flickr by o_sam_o