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Building a Kids Menu

Taco Bell’s recent announcement that it would stop serving kids’ meals spoke volumes about attitude toward children’s meals, in many restaurants, especially at a time when the industry is catching considerable flak from consumer groups.

Of course, not every restaurant is appropriate for kids—Taco Bell itself is the favorite of a core group of young adults who are barely out of childhood themselves—but for many operators, it pays to please the younger generation, and their parents. In fact, for lots of parents and kids, dining out means time together as a family.

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How to build better kids menus

Here are some tips for putting together a selection of offerings for your junior patrons:

Menu a few options that are healthier in addition to the ever-popular hot dogs and fries—from a turkey alternative to celery and carrot sticks with low-fat yogurt dip. The National Restaurant Association’s“Kids LiveWell” program has lots of other examples and ideas, as well as resources.

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