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Synergy Makes the Impossible Possible

We are so very proud to have been chosen to work with D’Cost Seafood, a highly popular and beloved restaurant located in Indonesia, on the development and design of their new location and new concept, D’Stupid Baker. Why do we say we made mission impossible, possible? We built and opened D’Cost Quick in 10 days it would’ve taken 4 months in the USA. Stupid Baker will open on 11/11 and it will be built and opened in 30 days.

D’Cost Seafood



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D’Cost Seafood Giving Back to Indonesia Homeless

D’Cost Seafood, seafood restaurant chain headquarted in Indonesia, has recently begun the distribution of 2,000 boxes of fried rice for 2,000 homeless people in Jakarta in its D’Cost Peduli or “D’Cost Care” program. This program will continue daily through early September.


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