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How does your restaurant rate for dining experience?

According to a recent Zagat Survey , 57% of participants cited service as the weakest link in the dining-out experience, and “hospitality” of the overall dining experience as a 20 out of a possible 30. Although both these figures represent an improvement over previous results, it’s doubtful that any savvy restaurant professional would judge these to be good enough.

The data also hints at what the service experience really is—not just the ferrying of food and drink from bar and kitchen to table, but the niceties that go along with it.

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Taking Care of the Atmosphere

People come to your restaurant for the food but good food is just a fraction of the overall dining experience. Equally important is the way people feel from the moment they step in to the moment they ask for the check.  Your restaurant’s atmosphere is a combination of your guest’s physical and emotional response in which visual appeal plays an important role.

From the color scheme, the décor, the food presentation and even the service, everything counts.  Choosing the right atmosphere for your business is a key factor when it comes to achieving success; damaging it can make you loose important rating points.

In fact, Atmosphere is as important as Price, Food and Service, when it comes to choosing a restaurant.

You need to know, first and foremost, who your client is.  Focus in a single message you wish to convey in terms of atmosphere and move from there.  Do you want to be a family joint?  A hot-date spot?  A place for sports enthusiasts and pre-movie drinks?  A super-chic-extraordinaire hidden jewel?  A place for college student get-togethers?  A mom and pop diner?

Each of these options will define what your atmosphere should be like.  It is a common mistake to think that because you have regular clients and a full house on weekends, you can ignore chipped walls or mirrored accents (circa 1980).  Great atmospheres make customers feel comfortable, happy, and even special.  And the 5 stars it’ll get in this category won’t hurt a bit.

Designing the right atmosphere takes many factors into consideration.  It is a perfect balance of elements that need to be juggled together with care.  Let the Synergy Consulting Team help you create the one that caters to your specific needs.  A face-lift to your restaurant’s personality might just be what your customers need to make their dining experience truly unforgettable.