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Food Trend Alert: Heirloom Produce

Heirloom produce


Everyone has heard of heirloom tomatoes, but now heirloom everything is sprouting up in the mainstream. Chefs are loving these simple, earthy ingredients. Heirloom has such a nice ring to it, especially when you include it in the description of a dish with heirloom vegetables.


Culinary Tip: Scorched Herbs

Scorched herbs

First it was chipotle. Then sriracha. And now it seems one of the most popular flavors to shake up the culinary game is the smoky flavor. All over, we’re seeing the addition of smoky tastes in food and beverages alike. Read more here: SCORCHED HERBS ADD ‘WOW’ FACTOR TO CULINARY WORLD

New Discoveries: Thrive Algae Oil

Thrive Algae Oil

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the reTHINK Food Conference and were privy to some new culinary breakthroughs, methods and products. One product totally rocked our world and is poised to change the way we all cook.   The product in question? Thrive Culinary… continue reading below:



Stem to Leaf Strategies

No doubt you’ve heard of nose-to-tail cooking, where every part of an animal is utilized—especially in restaurants that source and butcher niche meats like heritage pork and naturally raised lamb in-house. Now, in the era of growing interest in meatless meal options and produce-forward menu concepts, it’s time to meet root-to-shoot, where as much of the plant as possible is used to make saleable recipes. Read on: 12 Root to Shoot Strategies

New Dominque Ansel Concept Coming

Cronut | Photo Credit Flickr User LWYang License CC by 2.0


Early this week, famous New York bakery and founder of the now-ubiquitous Cronut movement,Dominique Ansel, announced its newest bakery concept, slated to bring back the freshness and made-to-order standards that bakeries were once known for.

Read more here: Dominique Ansel Announces Newest Bakery Concept

Breakout Menu Item: The Taco

One of the new breakout menu items of the last year or two has been the taco. Once a typically Mexican or Tex-Mex specialty consisting of a corn tortilla rolled around a filling, the taco’s trajectory in the United States has become both more authentic (thanks to increased interest in street food and taqueria concepts ) and more inventive (thanks to chefs like Roy Choi and the phenomenal popularity of his mashup Korean-style bulgogi taco).

What can’t you put in a taco, after all?

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