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5 Superfoods you can add to your restaurant menu

Interest in so-called “superfoods” has gained major traction in the last decade. Superfoods are defined as foods that are nutrient dense despite being relatively calorie sparse. Outlets for this family of foods have reached beyond specialty health food stores and into mass-market grocers. As consumers become more health-conscious and also more willing to explore the arena of new foods with “super” benefits, the demand for menus that include superfoods is also growing… read on: restaurant menu development

Berries | Image credit: Flickr By Dano

Egg White Delight Sandwich Coming to McDonald’s

Making smarter food choices while dining out is becoming more common these days, and restaurants haven taken notice. Even quick-serve restaurants have become accommodating to health-conscious consumers, offering healthier menu items such as garden salads and grilled chicken sandwiches in addition to letting diners swap sides like French fries.

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Healthy Restaurant Menus Can Be Mouth-Watering

Healthy food has a bad reputation for being not delicious yet somewhat expensive. It’s quite a shame, really, because with the right mix of ingredients and flavors restaurants can have a healthy and mouth-watering menu. Read more about delivering a delicious healthy menu at your restaurant


LYFE Kitchen - Art's Unfried Chicken

LYFE Kitchen – Art’s Unfried Chicken