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Digital Menus: Tablet Ordering Systems

The versatility of tablets are amazing – if you’ve caught any iPad commercials lately (or any tablet ad for that matter), you may have noticed the amazing things you can do with one, from playing games, and watching movies to reading books and creating documents and ordering food from your favorite restaurant. No, we didn’t make that last part up; restaurants are implementing the use of tablets as digital menus.


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iPad ordering systems for restaurants featured at De Santos

Business have certainly been able to benefit from this, by reaching out to consumers in new ways. But now, the tablet is helping restaurants from the front-of-house, to the back-of-house.

De Santo, an upscale Italian restaurant located in the West Village, is the first to have wait staff utilize a custom iPad system to take orders and swipe credit cards.


De Santo unveils new ordering system using the iPad

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