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How to Make Delicious Bone Broth

By Justin Braly, Culinary Development

Whether you call it stock, consommé, brodo or broth, there is no mistaking that the bone broth craze is upon us. Bone broth is heralded for its beneficial nutrients such as collagen (good for hair and nails), glucosamine (great for joint health) and glycine (which is great for removing toxins), but what exactly is it this delicious yet simple elixir?

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Should Your Restaurant Offer Substitutions?


Concepts are aggressively embracing the idea of offering guests menu substitutes, with Starbucks being no exception. In fact, the coffee megabrand began offering coconut milk beginning mid-February, a decision that was made based on customer voting through MyStarbucksIdea.com, in addition to their long-offered soy milk. 


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10 Small Ideas that Can Greatly Improve your Restaurant

Success in the restaurant business is built on a lot of different parts—the big things, of course, with menu, décor and service, but also a lot of little things, like sales builders, brand differentiators, cost tweaks, and more.

Hey, what’s the little idea? Consider something like one of these:

1. Red Robin’s 20-year-old Bottomless Fries concept—which has since expanded to include endless servings of healthier side dishes such as cole slaw, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli and side salad

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The Profits of Breakfast

Photo credit: Flickr User Nana B Agyei License CC by 2.0

The word, “breakfast” often conjures up images of a large hearty meal of foods such as pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon and sausage. Comfort foods like these,and even healthier breakfast options, are embraced by many Americans, but especially Millennials, as indicated in recent research by Datassential.

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Low-Carb Side Dish Ideas for your Menu

Does your restaurant only offer fries and chips as sides? An easy way to revamp your menu to cater to diabetics is by evaluating your side dishes. Check out our list side ideas that are healthy and delicious for everyone.

Consider Offer these Carb-Friendly Sides:

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Secret Menu Items Are Restaurants’ Secret Weapon

By Karen A. Brennan, Marketing & Branding Strategy

A while ago I was in Los Angeles on a Discovery Tour and visited an haute hot dog concept called The Slaw Dogs. The line-up of builds was impressive. They had dozens of variations, from the Soy Bomb veggie dog to a Rueben Dog with spicy sausage and pastrami, but most impressive was when they brought out their “Secret Menu” of off-menu choices for two women who were undecided about what they wanted. How fun is that?

…  Secret menus make guests feel good because they get what they want and feel like they’re getting special treatment too.

But secret menus are also good for restaurants.

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McDonald’s Snack Wrap Gets a Fancy Makeover

Just last week, McDonald’s released its EggWhite Delight breakfast sandwich – a healthier alternative to the Egg McMuffin. And also making its debut this month is the McDonald’s Premium McWrap, an upgrade from the original McWrap and is also marketed as a healthier option.

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McDonald's Premium McWrap | Image credit: Flickr by theimpulsivebuy

McDonald’s Premium McWrap | Image credit: Flickr by theimpulsivebuy