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Menu Enhancement for Seafood Restaurants

Food quality and safety are an important concern in the food industry, especially for those businesses focusing on seafood items. In addition, consumer awareness about these issues is increasing due to higher press coverage, and access to information. Today restaurants are facing many challenges that involve bringing the highest quality foods, even if this reassurance comes with a higher bill.

According to the Assessment and management of seafood safety and quality, 2004, fish and fishery products are in the forefront of food safety and quality improvement because they are among the most internationally traded food commodities. Today, more than ever, dining managers must be prepared to improve the many factors considering when choosing seafood as a dining experience. Many consumers opt for fish to get their regular intake of Omega 3 fats but since a large amount of species are contaminated with components such as mercury, it is important to consume them with moderation. Protect your consumers by serving food at a frequency that is healthy. For more information consult the Environmental Defense Fund’s Seafood Selector Health Alert List.

Know where your fish is coming from and buy from trustworthy vendors. Make available the name and region of production for every fish on the menu and whether it meets certain certifications or not.

Select environmentally friendly fish. You can consult organizations such as the EDF, Blue Ocean Institute and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, for more information. Shipping methods can interfere with food quality and safety. To do this, we recommend planning menus around local and seasonal offerings, ask major suppliers about their transportation methods, and avoid sourcing products that travel by air; since it could be specially greenhouse gas intensive.

Synergy Restaurant Consultants are experts in creating menus that take into consideration these and other essential issues. Bring the “WOW factor” to your menu needs by reaching out to our experts. They specialize in menu development and have a vast experience in overseeing the entire process. A menu makeover can bring quantifiable results. From enhancing a variety of items in your menu, to measuring success and having taste appeal tests; Synergy can help.