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Nutrition Information on Restaurant Receipts


Do you know what you just ordered in terms of nutritional value…or lack thereof? Now you can see the nutritional value of the meal you just ordered at all 39 Burgerville restaurants in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Burgerville is the first burger restaurant chain to introduce the Nutricate program…read more on this at Synergy Consultants

Marketing health: Food that helps lower blood pressure

Do you ever remember Grandma pinpointing the amount of saturated fat those baby back ribs? Or grandpa refusing to eat something because it had tons of cholesterol? Long gone are the days when people ignored food labels. Today health-consciousness has invaded every nook and cranny of the media, and therefore, the restaurant business. We are bombarded with tips on how to eat better, how to lower this, increase that, and avoid the other… But even though food consumption restrictions have multiplied, this is one of those types of knowledge that pay off.

The number of restaurants focusing in healthier choices has increased exponentially in the last decade. Vegetarian, vegan, organic, you name it. So what is the average All-American restaurant to do? Well, this is probably one of the most sought-after information we get from our clients. Even though sometimes it is unfeasible to change entire menus for the sake of health, without sacrificing sales, we can certainly help you accommodate one or two items that bring specific benefits for the consumer.

We approach menu development for a healthy and flavor perspective. Let’s take the case of high blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure is more prevalent among African Americans, adults over 35, people who are overweight, and those who drink heavily. Caring for the community’s health is a way of giving your restaurant some quality exposure. We’ve gathered a few tips that might help you develop healthy menu selections:

  1. Add a couple of items to your menu that have been tested to lower blood pressure.
  2. Take advantage of the American Heart Month –February- and plan a marketing campaign around your health-related efforts.
  3. Make sure your new items are innovative but still delicious. Our Synergy Restaurant Consultants can help you build a perfect dish using whole grains, fish, soy, fruits, low-fat dairy, saffron, cayenne; all have proved to help lower blood pressure.
  4. Seek the help of the local health institutions to promote your restaurant initiatives. Maintain a strong relationship for the sake of a longer-living community.

Remember: a restaurant that puts its customers in the first place, goes a long way. At Synergy we can help create nutritional fact content for your food items, present them with nutrient information, always keeping in mind the excellent food quality, which every restaurant should aspire to serve. Our Consultants have 20 plus years of experience in the recipe development area and can deliver delicious yet healthier versions of fantastic dishes.

I’m sure that would make any modern Grandma very proud.