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Tips for surviving a restaurant recession

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of a double-dip recession, but recent events have raised the specter again, even as many businesses—and consumers—are still recovering from the last one.

There are ways to cut payroll expenses without cutting jobs. Here are several tactics to consider in order to preserve “human capital”

10 restaurant sales-building techniques

Amid some confusion about the restaurant economy—is there a recovery going on, or have consumers changed their dining-out habits for the duration?—it helps to have a strategy for building sales.

While the overall outlook is indeed improving and people are returning to restaurants, recent data from Harris indicates that they’re not spending any more and that in fact, average checks are decreasing slightly as guests continue to seek value-priced options.

What can operators do to help counter this, short of the tenuous path of raising prices? Here are a few ideas to consider….

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