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Does your Restaurant Need a Refresh?

When it comes to foodservice brands, there’s been a lot of refreshment going on. In fact, we recently blogged about 7-Eleven’s new initiative, which covers everything from the logo to the store design and food offerings to the logo.

In fact, these days the idea of refreshing an older brand—or even rebranding altogether—covers a lot more than just a new logo and snappy trade dress. The competitive marketplace demands it.

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Success Through Restaurant Branding

Restaurant branding allows consumers to connect with a concept and takes the restaurant from simply serving food to providing guests with an experience. In a restaurant, the brand encompasses everything from the logo on a server’s shirt to the style of plate on which an entrée is served. It’s crucial that all elements are aligned and clearly communicate the look, tone, feel, and personality of the concept’s brand.

The James Beard Awards (the Oscars of the food world) recognize the importance of branding and design and present two annual awards for ‘Best Restaurant Design and Graphics,’ one to a restaurant under 75 seats and one to a restaurant with 76+ seats.

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Yelp adding new feature for restaurants

Businesses have understood the importance of online reviews, and nothing is more truer than the restaurant owner who thrives off the huge potential of word of mouth marketing and exposure that Yelp brings to the table. It’s no wonder that prudent restaurant owners understand the importance of…


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How strong is your restaurant’s brand?

The concept of restaurant branding is just like any other business; the branding is what gets customers to remember you; it’s what defines your restaurant — in other words, your brand is who your restaurant is! The aspect of restaurant branding is not one to be downplayed or ignored.

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4 Ways to Attract More Restaurant Customers

Whether or not our economy is picking up, it appears that Americans are still paying attention to their spending habits. According to a recent study conducted by foodservice consulting firm AlixPartners LLP, consumers plan to cut back on their restaurant visits by 3 percent and spend 5 percent less when dining out. The reasons include consumers’ desire for affordability without sacrificing quality, healthier food, and convenience…

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