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Restaurant Customer Service – don’t let it hurt your guest experience

I recently visited a popular local fast-casual chicken restaurant after needing a quick, hot dinner. However, I always call in my order first then pick it up to avoid any wait time since it does take a good fifteen to twenty minutes to receive my order. After all, I am a regular to this establishment and know the ropes by now.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, I let the two young men at the counter know my name and what I ordered. They gazed at me puzzled because they did not recognize my order. After a couple of minutes shuffling around order tickets, one worker pointed to the other that he did not put my order in the system. .. read more about restaurant guest service.

Quality restaurant guest service

In Southern California there seems to be a Mexican restaurant on every block. Big and small, chains and singular, high end and hole in the wall, they all work hard to survive and thrive.

Certainly, one begins to feel that they are all pretty much identical right down to décor and menu. So, how does one make a restaurant stand out in such a mass crowd?

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Impeccable Restaurant Service and Why it Matters

What is impeccable service? Let’s start with a genuine, friendly and sincere greeting. After handing the menus to us, the server showed that he knew the complete menu and all the specials inside and out. His steps of service were perfection.

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