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Decorating your Restaurant for the Holidays

Holiday Lights


If you’ve caught yourself humming a holiday tune while strolling down the festively decorated aisle of your favorite store, you know the power of décor. Besides cookies, gifts and eggnog, nothing gets guests into the holiday spirit more than sprucing up your space. Wondering how? Read the whole article here:

Green Restaurant Design Tips

In addition to supporting a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment, restaurant design should speak to both your brand’s message and values. Does your organization value local sourcing, sustainability, or being “green”? It might not always be practical to perform an entire restaurant redesign overhaul, but there are a number of easier-to-implement tips to …

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Success Through Restaurant Branding

Restaurant branding allows consumers to connect with a concept and takes the restaurant from simply serving food to providing guests with an experience. In a restaurant, the brand encompasses everything from the logo on a server’s shirt to the style of plate on which an entrée is served. It’s crucial that all elements are aligned and clearly communicate the look, tone, feel, and personality of the concept’s brand.

The James Beard Awards (the Oscars of the food world) recognize the importance of branding and design and present two annual awards for ‘Best Restaurant Design and Graphics,’ one to a restaurant under 75 seats and one to a restaurant with 76+ seats.

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TGIF Bar and Kitchen Redesign

T.G.I. Friday’s has unveiled a new kitchen and bar design in a unit that re-opened this week in Nashville, Tenn.

The Opry Mills Friday’s location, which was destroyed by flooding two years ago, debuted this week with an open kitchen that is about 25 percent smaller than a typical Friday’s unit and a redesigned bar.”

TGIF redesign

Synergy Makes the Impossible Possible

We are so very proud to have been chosen to work with D’Cost Seafood, a highly popular and beloved restaurant located in Indonesia, on the development and design of their new location and new concept, D’Stupid Baker. Why do we say we made mission impossible, possible? We built and opened D’Cost Quick in 10 days it would’ve taken 4 months in the USA. Stupid Baker will open on 11/11 and it will be built and opened in 30 days.

D’Cost Seafood



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