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Quality restaurant guest service

In Southern California there seems to be a Mexican restaurant on every block. Big and small, chains and singular, high end and hole in the wall, they all work hard to survive and thrive.

Certainly, one begins to feel that they are all pretty much identical right down to décor and menu. So, how does one make a restaurant stand out in such a mass crowd?

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Impeccable Restaurant Service and Why it Matters

What is impeccable service? Let’s start with a genuine, friendly and sincere greeting. After handing the menus to us, the server showed that he knew the complete menu and all the specials inside and out. His steps of service were perfection.

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How does your restaurant rate for dining experience?

According to a recent Zagat Survey , 57% of participants cited service as the weakest link in the dining-out experience, and “hospitality” of the overall dining experience as a 20 out of a possible 30. Although both these figures represent an improvement over previous results, it’s doubtful that any savvy restaurant professional would judge these to be good enough.

The data also hints at what the service experience really is—not just the ferrying of food and drink from bar and kitchen to table, but the niceties that go along with it.

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