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Marketing for your Restaurant– A blog series

Restaurant Branding and Marketing


“I don’t have time to market my business (or the money).”

When I speak with clients, 9 out of 10 times I hear the same thing. Small chains and start-ups don’t have the benefit of having a marketing department, and those that do, often wait for the “field marketing team” to step in and help build sales. After all, “Isn’t that what the marketing folks get paid for?” It’s a mindset that affects too many operators and brands. Read on here:


Using Social Media to Market your Restaurant

Restaurant Social Media

Thanks to technology, we have a lot more avenues to pursue when it comes to marketing restaurants and connecting with the guests we serve. While conducting extensive research on your restaurant through traditional means, Synergy Restaurant Consultants also uses social media marketing and branding to help bring about a positive rating among consumers.


How to Promote your Restaurant for Back-to-School Season

restaurant promotion on Twitter

As temperatures begin to cool down and the leaves start to change colors, we say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year!

As restaurant owners, this season presents a huge opportunity to deliver great promotions for both parents and students alike. Restaurants like Shoney’s and El Fenix offered deeply discounted or even free kid’s meals through the month of August, while more popular spots like Denny’s and IKEA… read on here: 4 WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR RESTAURANT DURING BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON


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Bring on the Crowds this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Table


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Translation? Millions of Americans will dine out to treat mom.


As a restaurant operator, you want to make sure your restaurant stands out from the crowd. Read on here: Attract Crowds at your Restaurant This Mother’s Day

Restaurant Marketing: Are Deal Sites Worth It?

By Emily Callaghan, Communications & Marketing

We’ve all seen them: $20 vouchers that will score the buyer $50 to spend. Or a bargain-priced $35 for a four-course meal costing nonsubscribers double that amount. While the guest might get a bargain, are the Groupons and LivingSocials of the world a death sentence for restaurants?

Let’s consider which restaurants participate in such promotions. Since restaurants receive a poor return on every deal after paying service fees—typically earning around 25% on every dollar—a busy, successful establishment isn’t likely to offer these deals. Read on here: Groupon and Living Social: A Death Sentence for Restaurants?

Understanding Consumer Psychographics

By The Synergy Team

A lot of ink has been given lately to consumer psychographics and what customers want when they spend their money. For the restaurant industry, it all comes back to the growing notion that American society has shifted toward an Experience Economy—and that in order to be successful, businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product. Food, service and ambience aren’t enough anymore; in fact, they’ve become a given, without which a restaurateur doesn’t have a prayer of keeping the doors open. Read more here: What Do Customers Want? Everything.

The Battle Between Takeout and Hotel Room Service

Photo: Flickr User Will Merydith License CC By SA 2.0


Hotels accommodate their guests in almost every way, from laundry service to room service. But you may be surprised to learn that room service is actually waning in popularity, according to a recent study from Chicaco-based online food ordering service GrubHub. So if guests aren’t ordering as much room service, then what are they eating? Read more here: Room Service Vs. Takeout: Who Wins?